Here is the list of benefits we provide:

  • Fully remote flexible work environment - we don’t look at when you log in, log out or how much time you work. We look at your output and we trust you; it’s the only way remote can actually work.

  • Unlimited vacation policy - we need you at your best at all times. Our expected minimum time off lets you schedule your work around your life.

  • Co-working space stipend - we provide each employee with $200/month to use towards alternative home-office solutions such as a co-working space.

  • Parental leave (for both parents) - so you have time to adjust to the new life (and work) schedule introduced by your new bundle of joy.

  • Open book policy - we will pay for books you purchase for your professional and career development.

  • Continuous learning/training policy - we sponsor you for the conferences and training programs you feel would add to your development in the company.

  • Health insurance for those whose countries do not provide it for free. In the US, health insurance is provided through Savvy, which means you receive a stipend from Airbyte to choose the insurance you want.

  • Mental Health Counseling provided via Spill.

  • 401k for US employees.

  • Sponsored visas for employees in need of them.

Thinking about working with Airbyte? Let us know what we can do to improve our employee experience!