Expense Policy

Occasions often arise when you will need to make purchases with company money.

Airbyte takes pride in being a lean organization - our focus is on creating the best value for our customers and basing investments on careful consideration of their long-term financial advantages. At the same time, your health, happiness, and productivity are important to us. Therefore, our philosophy is Freedom & Responsibility. We trust you, just do what's best for the company.

If you’re in the US, we provide you with a company card with a $1,000/month spending limit for making purchases as necessary.

If you’re not in the US, we’ll provide you with a virtual card.

If the expense is trivial, just buy it using the company’s Brex account.

Not all expenses, obviously, are trivial. For larger expenses, we ask that you create a pull request in this doc and raise a policy suggestion for it, which will allow us to document our decision as policy rather than having to make determinations on a case by case basis.

Saving Receipts

As with any business transaction, you must keep copies of all receipts. If you make a purchase on your company card but cannot provide us with a receipt, it may be taken out of your pay. Similarly, if you make a business-related purchase on your personal card, you cannot expect reimbursement without a receipt. To make it easy for our employees to keep up with purchases and receipts, Airbyte’s Brex card has a built-in expense-tracking feature and an app that makes it easy to submit receipts.

You should use your company card, which has no transaction fees, for all business-related purchases. If for some reason you must use your own personal card, please inform John immediately afterwards to receive reimbursement manually.

US employees can simply forward digital invoices to [email protected] If the receipt is physical, a picture of the receipt, sent in response to the Brex or SMS notification, will suffice. Use only the Airbyte email address you signed up with on Brex to forward digital invoices to Brex - no other email address will work.

For non-US employees, just send all your receipts to [email protected]

Making Larger Purchases

The policy below defines equipment you may need to purchase to perform Airbyte work. These specific items do not require permissions to purchase on your company card. If your purchase exceeds your card limit, just ask John to increase your limit.


As a 100% remote company, Airbyte realizes the necessity of an appropriate and comfortable home workspace. To ensure this is available to you, Airbyte will provide your office equipment. It is yours to use as long as you work for us, but please note that it ultimately remains Airbyte property.


Below are general guidelines for your laptop purchase. The most important thing, however, is for you to select the model that suits your needs; if it is different from the suggestions below and you have good reason for getting a different model, please feel free to do so.

  • For technical or design roles: We recommend a Macbook Pro with 32GB of RAM.

  • For non-technical roles: We recommend a Macbook Air with 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

Laptops come in different screen sizes. We find that the larger screens (15” and more) are disproportionately expensive. If most of your work is done in coworking spaces or cafes without a second screen, the greater expense will be justified, but if most of your work is performed at home, it is recommended you buy the smaller laptop and a large (27”) second monitor for your home office.

Please do NOT purchase AppleCare support, as we do not consider it a good value for the money.

How much should I spend? We expect your Apple laptop will cost between $1200 and $2000.


We recommend a monitor that supports 4K, which provides higher resolution than standard HD and fits more content on-screen.

How much should I spend? Your monitor should run $250 to $350.

What do you recommend? Philips’ ones are a great value. They come with an HDMI cable, but you will likely need to purchase a USB-C adapter separately to connect your external monitor.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Laptop Stand

We recommend you purchase a mouse, keyboard and laptop stand.

Mouse and keyboard: We recommend sticking with Apple products, as this reduces compatibility issues. If refurbished products are available, they are less expensive and usually work just fine.

Laptop stand: We recommend Nextstand. They offer portable stands at a great value.

Chairs and Desks

We find that most remote workers already have a home office desk and chair. If you do not, please make a suggestion and we will try to accommodate you as we can afford.

How much should I spend? We consider $250 reasonable for a desk and about the same for a chair. Please use good judgment and keep in mind that we are a startup!


If your home environment is noisy, you may find a pair of noise canceling headphones helpful.

How much should I spend? A good set of noise canceling headphones should cost around $250.


Software is generally considered a trivial expense, and is treated as described above.

We do not wish to introduce new software designed specifically for collaboration. For us to consider this type of software, it would need to offer significant advantages that warrant the cost. In general, new collaborative software introduces more complexity than simplicity by creating yet another place to keep up with todo items/communications/comments. We currently use the following stack for collaborative software:

  • Google Drive - Google Sheets and Google Docs

  • Asana - project and task management

  • GitHub - documents, discussion, code

  • Slack

  • Amplitude - product analytics

  • Figma - graphic design

Individual software is left to personal preference, and we encourage you to share any new software favorites you discover.

Work Space

We want our employees to be happy, healthy and productive. Working from home can get old or be difficult at times, so we offer you a few options to get out of your home office.

We allow up to $200/month for you to work in coworking spaces or cafes if working from home becomes untenable for any reason. As with all expenses, you must turn in your receipts through Brex, and they must be only for yourself.

An idea could be to use this stipend to open an Amex Platinum, which comes with a free one-year subscription to WeWork’s US coworking spaces. Amex Platinum access is only for US Business Platinum Card Members; if you work in a different country, you can still access WeWork coworking spaces, but you will have to pay directly for their use. We will not cover any costs above the allowed $200/month.

Celebrations and Life Events

We want you to know you are important to us, so we make it a point to recognize employee achievements and other important milestones in your lives. We believe this makes each person feel special and helps to keep morale high.


Airbyte budgets $50 for a birthday gift for each employee. We want it to be personalized, so we’ll ask team members for gift ideas and to sign a virtual birthday card in advance of the birthday.

Airbyte Anniversaries

We budget $150 for each employee’s Airbyte anniversary. And because we believe in the old adage “It is better to give than to receive,” we will donate an additional $50 in your name to your favorite charity on your special anniversary day! We also like to commemorate your anniversary with a virtual card.

Significant Life Events

We care about things that happen to you. For this reason, we budget $100 for flowers and a gift to acknowledge important events in your life: wedding, the birth of your child, your return to work after an extended illness (such as COVID!), or the loss of a loved one. We will also memorialize the occasion with a virtual card.

Client Meetings

It is customary business practice to foot the bill when meeting with clients. We encourage this as well, but we ask that you entertain within our means as a new startup. When asking clients to meet, please suggest a nice coffee shop rather than an expensive restaurant.


Training costs should usually be covered, if it is related to your role.

But overall, with our open book policy, we will reimburse you for books you purchase for your professional and career development.

Regarding conferences, just talk to your manager and, depending on the budget, we'll do our best to make it happen.