Our Focus

We want to become the self-hosted data integration and transformation engine that most companies use in the future. This implies that our open-source technology will support both ingestion to warehouses from any tool, database or SaaS, and distribution of data to any SaaS tools.

On top of that, we will build data quality monitoring, privacy compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.), and enterprise features (role access/management, SSO, etc.).

Eventually, you should be able to build your own ELT platform internally, while having complete control over your data and costs (not indexed on MTUs). If any integration that you need is missing, we will make it super easy for you to build it and to use our orchestration and scheduling features for it.

We will stay at parity with the incumbent’s features (Fivetran, StitchData) at first (see our high-level roadmap), as our differentiation is on:

  • open source, enabling you to add your own integration very easily;

  • data privacy and control; and

  • fixed pricing (not indexed on data volume or monthly active users for high-volume enterprises).

Our Differentiation

There are a few key differentiating aspects to our strategy:

  • Our core product is open source. This means you have the power to customize and extend any data pipeline.

  • You benefit from the community’s contribution and support.

  • We will be able to offer a wider array of data integration connectors. If an integration is missing, it is simpler to add it for an engineer than to build it on the side. Plus, you don’t need to wait for someone else's engineering team to prioritize it.

  • Your data stays in your cloud, which means it is more secure, and you have full control over your data transfer costs.

  • We have a zero-friction adoption in small, midsize and big companies, as you don’t need to go through security compliance to start implementing our solution.

  • Our pricing for high-volume enterprises will not be indexed on data volume. And our open-source codebase will never contain arbitrary limits (e.g., event volumes, user numbers).

  • You can avoid any type of vendor lock-in.

Our Financing Strategy

Seed Q1 2021

We raised $5.2M in a seed round with Accel, YCombinator, and some prominent business angels (co-founder of Segment, of LiveRamp, former GM at Cloudera, etc.). It gives us a runway until end of 2022. We will focus on the community edition until the Series-A. The metrics we will display to investors will be on adoption, deployments, and external contributions.

It is completely fine for us not to present any revenues before the Series-A.

Series-A Q1 2022

We will build out and release the enterprise edition only after the Series-A. It is paramount that we continue to support the community edition so it:

  • remains the most reliable option with an active community

  • offers the highest number of integrations, sources and destinations

Our Hiring Strategy

Our team is composed of a growing senior engineering team and a developer advocacy one, most from one of the highest-growing data companies in the world. We have already built 1,000+ integrations on high-scale volume projects. This is why we can afford our ambitious technological goals.

We are working closely with contractors on the frontend side and to help us ramp up the number of connectors. We are doing all the UI design specs in-house for the moment, though.